Nine proven things you can do to get stronger faster

and muscle within a set length of time even though low moderate and high rep ranges can all individually be effective for muscle growth it seems that switching up your rep ranges provides the biggest Advantage so a simple way to implement this into your routine is to
perform a low rep range of something like three to five for three weeks then a moderate rep range of 6 to 10 Reps for three weeks and finally a high rep range of 12 to 15 Reps for three weeks then start all over again back at the low 3-5 rep range and repeat the goal should be
to lift a heavier weight than the last time you performed each specific rep range this is just one example of something known as periodization and doing this can work very well for Rapid strength gains one of the primary reasons that mixing up your rep range is more beneficial is because by having
variety you’ll train a broader range of muscle fibers we have slow twitch and fast switch muscle fibers and one is stimulated more with low weight and High Reps while the others stimulated more with heavy weight and Low Reps also you’re constantly going to be forcing your body to adapt to different rep
ranges which will limit stagnation even though you might have gotten stuck if you were just to continuously do the same heavy weight load at a low rep range of three to five reps switching up your rep range gives you an opportunity to get stronger at a different rep range where you may have different sticking

I’m going to go over nine proven things you can do to get stronger faster so the
first super simple change that you can make to get stronger faster is to alternate the weight loads you use between certain time periods and training sessions if you had to choose only one rep range as the best rep range for strength there’s no doubt you would be better off using heavy weights in
combination with a lower rep range but we don’t have to exclusively stick to just one rep range and it turns out that it’s important to train in a variety of rep ranges even if your sole goal is to get as strong as possible this is because research shows people who vary up their rep ranges gain more strength

points that you can work on and then transfer that increased strength back to that lower rep range of three to five reps a few weeks down the line helping you to continuously break through plateaus another thing you should be mixing up is bilateral and unilateral
exercises for upper body in a nutshell this can be summed up by mixing in dumbbell work with barbell work the barbell is going to provide certain strength benefits like having both hands on the bar allowing you to lift a greater overall weight load while dumbbells will force each side to work
on its own and will recruit a greater number of stabilizer muscle fibers strengthening these stabilizers even a small amount can lead to some pretty big strength gains across the board so make sure you’re not just doing barbell work or just doing dumbbell work both have their benefits and you should use
bilateral and unilateral exercises on alternating days during the early portions of your workout when you’re still fresh keep in mind with legs performing a barbell squat or a dumbbell squat is still going to be considered a bilateral exercise because both your legs will still be pushing into the
ground at the same time to incorporate unilateral leg exercises you can do things like Bulgarian split squats the single leg leg press and pistol squats now another thing that has a direct correlation to your strength is your overall Mass specifically your fat free Mass so one of the most straightforward
ways to get stronger is by gaining weight preferably in the form of muscle this is because there’s a very close relationship between strength and body mass research shows this relationship is pretty tight for Olympic weight lifters and it’s even more prominent in power
lifters where they have an 86 to 95 percent correlation between fat free mass and their performance on their power lifts this means that if you want to gain strength make sure to also focus on gaining muscle and body weight this means being in a calorie Surplus doing enough training volume consuming enough
protein and getting enough rest and recovery and speaking of a calorie Surplus this is another important tip that can drastically increase your strength eat more simply going to the gym and trying to improve your lifts isn’t enough because your performance at
the gym is highly related to your diet if you don’t believe me fast for a few days and then go try to hit the gym on an empty stomach you’ll find out very quickly that calories help provide the energy you need for heavy lifting and any physical activity in general now there’s no reason to overeat either
anything above around a 200

thigh in protein low in fat and low in carbs so these will include flavored tuna packets sardines nitrate and nitrite free lean Deli Cuts eggs low-fat cottage cheese Jack Links zero
sugar beef jerky and protein bars just keep in mind that with protein bars you shouldn’t eat more than two of them in total per day because they’re the only thing I’ve mentioned so far that has many added ingredients salt and extra calories aside from the core nutritional aspects you get from the protein from
there the next step is to make sure that you make your one or two meals a day and stir fries in my opinion are the easiest to make with these ingredients to make your super simple stir fry even if you don’t know how to cook you would take a 12 to 14 inch frying pan and fill it with mixed vegetables then cover it with
a lid until they’re fully cooked down you don’t need to add any oil or even spray your pan for this part because these frozen vegetables will be full of water and that’ll prevent them from sticking if you use a lid now seasonings are super important because if your meal
doesn’t taste good you’re not going to continue eating it and you’ll give up on your diet I would argue that it’s more important for it to taste good than to even save some additional calories because just by eating this amount of vegetables you’re probably already going to be saving a ton of calories now even
if you don’t know how to cook I’m going to give you the only Four Seasonings you need to make any healthy meal taste delicious if you’re cooking seafood magic salmon seasoning is great adobo all-purpose seasoning pretty much goes great on anything McCormick Smokehouse
seasoning is amazing on any chicken turkey or meat and finally you have soy sauce which I use a lot in my stir fries so once your vegetables are cooked down and most of the water it has evaporated take your pound of protein throw it in and add some seasonings on top and cover
that with a lid once that’s cooked break apart your protein then add one packet of Uncle Ben’s brown rice next you’re going to add two to three tablespoons of your high heat oil and then I like to add either adobo to the vegetables or a bunch of soy sauce again the meal has to taste good or else you’re not going to
eat it consistently then you mix it all together and fry it with an open lid if you’re eating one meal a day you’re going to eat this meal with an avocado until you’re full and you’re probably not going to be able to eat anywhere near the whole thing because it’s so filling if you’re eating two meals
simply divide the meal whatever way that you’d like personally I’d prefer to have a small lunch and a big dinner so the bulk of my meal I would leave for the evening if I were eating two meals now on top of this meal you can still eat your two to three fifths of fruit per
day this is about three large apple or a store-bought package of watermelon everyone can use their own fist to eye out how much fruit they should be having in a day and then finally you also have your snack protein sources which you can eat after your meal or meals without limitation so the tuna packets the
sardines and water the deli Cuts they’re all going to help you add Pro protein to your diet with very low risk of overeating and that’s going to be your diet in a nutshell I guarantee you even if you don’t track your calories you’ll burn a bunch of fat over the course of 30 days on this kind of a plan now again
there are a million ways to design a healthy diet you could replace the rice for potatoes or the meats for seitan or tofu or the avocados for more fruit I just wanted to give you guys a straightforward way to set up your plan so there’s no question marks and you can
get started immediately you’ll naturally feel full from these foods that you find on the outside aisles of your store so if you can’t finish your meal or meals that’s totally fine if you want to track your calories I encourage you to do so but I firmly believe that you won’t even have to with this kind of a plan but
let’s move on to step number four which is to lift weights sure cardio can help you burn some additional calories but you’re going to be burning more than enough fat with a filling single ingredient food natural diet like the one I just went over you want to do resistance training at least three to
four days per week to maintain as much muscle as possible as you slim down and you want to try to lift heavy weights that cause you to fail at 10 reps tops if you’re just going to do three to four days a week each of those days should stagger between upper and lower body for upper body you’re going to be
supersetting push exercises like chest presses and overhead presses with pull exercises like pull-ups and rows for lower body you’ll be focusing on exercises like squats deadlifts lunges and Bulgarian split squats generally 9 to 12 heavy sets for upper and lower
body can be more than

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