Delicious Danish Blue Cheese Has A Lovely And

Blue cheese is certainly a must if you are going to serve cheese on the cheeseboard. Your guests can enjoy the lovely nuances of this very refined cheese variety. Its distinctive sharp as is unmatched by any other in the market. Blue cheese is named after the distinctive blue veins that go across it. These veins can be blue, blue green or green grey. They are spread evenly across the cheese body enriching it and give it a unique taste.

Delicious Danish Blue Enriches Foods And Transforms Your Everyday Menus

Of all the blue cheese varieties available in the market, one that is known for its distinctively tangy taste is Danish Blue Cheese. The tangy taste comes from its blue veins which are spread evenly across the body. If you have tasted quite a bit of white cheese varieties and are searching for something new and interesting, this is what you should buy. A very seasoned cheese taster will enjoy its many nuances and piquant taste, which is enhanced by no other cheese variety in the market. It is available in block or wedge form in cheese shops. One of the peculiar qualities about this particular blue cheese variety is that it has mild taste when compared to Stilton or Roquefort. So if you are just starting out on blue cheeses, this is what you should first try out. Danish blue has health benefits as it is low in cholesterol and high in calcium.

As the name suggest, this cheese variety is exclusively in Denmark. Only Cow’s milk is used in the making process and ripening period is six to eight months. The unique aspect about this cheese variety is that it has both a creamy and crumbly texture. When tasted, it leaves behind a lingering tanginess in mouth, making it absolutely irresistible. However, when you compare it with other blue cheese varieties, this one has a milder and more subtle. Interestingly, this cheese was created in an attempt to imitate the French Roquefort. When you look at it, what will strike you immediately is the striking contrast of white body pierced by richly blue veins.

The perfect way to enjoy this semi-soft blue cheese is the traditional way, which is by spreading it over crackers or toast. Enjoy its rich piquant taste by using it as a topping on salads. You can also melt it down to make a luxurious dip or sauce, which can be used in so many ways. Now, this cheese variety has become so popular that it is used in baked potatoes, meat dishes, hamburgers and much more.

Danish Blue cheese will add flavor to another bland dish. When you want to spruce up your daily menu it won’t let you down. When you served alongside other cheese varieties on the chessboard, your guests will enjoy it more because it is peculiar taste. If you want to indulge in smorging, what better way to enhance the taste of left over dishes than with delicious blue cheese. You will find it to be really uplifting and you can use it in very simple ways, which makes it the perfect accompaniment for the smorgs table

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