60 app best Android in 2023 that you should use

Android applications are an integral part of our daily lives, as they provide us with an easy and effective way to access the information and services we need anytime and anywhere. While there are many apps available in the Google Play Store, finding the best among them can be a difficult task. So I have compiled for you the list of 60 best Android apps for all interests.

What is the best Android application?

Depending on the use and personal interests that you need in your phone, the selection criteria can vary from person to person about the best Android applications, but here are some suggestions divided by jurisdiction that are provided to you by the Android Mix team, and you can of course choose to download a group of them according to your need.

Best Android apps 2023

  1. Best social networking app: WhatsApp
  2. Best music streaming app: Spotify
  3. Best photography app: Google Camera
  4. Best photo editing app: Adobe Lightroom
  5. Best video editing app: Kinemaster
  6. Best app for playing videos: VLC
  7. Best Sports and Fitness App: MyFitnessPal
  8. Best news app: Google News
  9. Best distance learning app: Udemy
  10. Best task management app: Todoist
  11. Best shopping app: Amazon
  12. Best app for playing games: PUBG Mobile
  13. Best document editing app: Google Drive
  14. Best video downloader app: TubeMate
  15. Best app for watching movies: Netflix
  16. Best web browsing app: Google Chrome
  17. Best currency converter app: XE Currency
  18. Best app for learning languages: Duolingo
  19. Best audio editing app: Audacity
  20. Best video editing app: Adobe Premiere Rush
  21. Best app for watching YouTube: YouTube
  22. Best app for learning translation: Google Translate
  23. Best Remote Phone Control App: TeamViewer
  24. Best photo and graphics editing app: Adobe Photoshop Express
  25. Best video editing app: PowerDirector
  26. Best time management and productivity app: RescueTime
  27. Best photo browsing app: Google Photos
  28. Best document editing app: Microsoft Word
  29. Best screen capture app: AZ Screen Recorder
  30. Best app for hiding files and photos: KeepSafe
  31. Best app for creating PDF files: CamScanner
  32. Best Document Capture App: Office Lens
  33. Best mobile photo and graphics editing app: Canva
  34. Best app for watching TV: Netflix
  35. Best photo animation app: PicsArt Animator
  36. Best Short Video Editing App: TikTok
  37. Best app for downloading photos and videos from the Internet: Instagram
  38. Best photography app: Open Camera
  39. Best app for playing high-quality audio files: FLAC Player
  40. Best app for privacy and security: Norton Mobile Security
  41. Best call recording app: Automatic Call Recorder
  42. Best battery saver and performance booster app: Greenify
  43. The best application for playing video files in high quality: MX Player
  44. The best text conversion app
  45. Best professional photo editing app: Lightroom
  46. Best app for downloading songs and music: Spotify
  47. Best app for managing tasks and appointments: Todoist
  48. Best app for monitoring internet usage: NetGuard
  49. Best long-form video editing app: FilmoraGo
  50. Best social media page management app: Hootsuite
  51. Best app for converting photos into cartoon drawings: Cartoon Photo Editor
  52. Best photo background changer app: Background Eraser
  53. Best logo design app: Logo Maker Plus
  54. Best app for watching news and articles: Flipboard
  55. Best AI cartoon photo app: Prisma
  56. Best app for watching movies and series: Amazon Prime Video
  57. Best app for talking to people online: Skype
  58. Best app for sharing files between phone and computer: AirDroid
  59. Best photo and video sharing app: Google Photos
  60. Best time-lapse app: Burst Camera

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